Mauro Gargano (contrebassiste, bassiste, compositeur)

Mauro began his career by studying classical and jazz bass' music with Maurizio Quintavalle. Later, during the international seminar  « Siena Jazz » in 1997/1998, he continued to learn with Furio Di Castri. He earned a scholarship and had the opportunity to study with Enrico Rava and Paolo Fresu.

In 1998, he moved to Paris in order to continue his studies in bass and classical music at the "Conservatoire du XIV Arrondissement" with Christian Gentet (Artistic Director of "L'Orchestre des Contrebasses") where he graduated.

In 2000, he passed the entry examination in order to attend the CNSM (« Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris » CNSM). That is how he became part of the class of "Jazz et Musiques Improvisées".

During his years at CNSM as a student, he had the opportunity to study double bass with Riccardo Del Fra, François Theberge, Daniel Humair, Dre Pallemaerts, Glenn Ferris, Hervé Sellin, Frederic Stohl.

He also had the opportunity to participate at some master classes with:

Marc Johnson, Mark Dresser, Stephen Scodanibbio, Lee Konitz, Jean Paul Celea, Steve Lacy, Kenny Werner, Bruno Chevillon, Claude Tchamitchan, Barre Phillips, Clare Fisher, Marc Ducret, Gerald Wilson, Joey Baron, Archie Shepp, Bojan Z, Sonny Simmons, and Walter Thompson (Sound Painting).

He graduated in 2004 with the 1st Price and honors.

During the 2010's summer, he participated at the International Seminar of Improvement of Siena Jazz, where he studied and played with Scott Colley, Anders Jormin, Furio Di Castri, Paolino Dalla Porta, Kenny Wheeler, Kenny Werner, Eric Harland, Jeremy Pelt, Francesco Martinelli.

Mauro Gargano began his professional career in Italy with the group "Time 5" Alberto Parmegiani in the funk / acid jazz, and recorded his first CD "The Way I Had".

More later he found, with Mirko Pasquale Bardaro and Master, the group "Modern Quartet". With them, also with Nicola Stilo and Gaetano Partipilo, they recorded in 1998 the CD called "Here".

He had the opportunity to play in Italy for some jazz clubs. He participated in festivals and music festivals with Paolo Fresu, Emmanuel Cisi, Nicola Stilo, Franco Ambrosetti, Gianluca Petrella, Billy Cobham, Mike Melillo, Jesse Davis, John Lenoci, Roberto Ottaviano, and Guido DiLeone.

In 2012 he introduced his first cd as leader, Mauro Gargano “Mo’Avast Band”by Note Sonanti records, which received the “REVELATION” on Jazzmagazine. In the band Francesco Bearzatti (Italy), Stephane Mercier (Belgium), Bruno Angelini (France), Fabrice Moreau (France).

In april 2012 he records the music of the new project “Do Do Boxe: Suite for Battling Siki” featuring Jason Palmer, Jeff Ballard, Bojan Z, Manu Codja and Ricardo Izquierdo.

He had the chance to play regularly with some famous artists in some clubs and festivals in France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Belgium, Japan, Morocco, Algeria, such as: Kenny Werner, René Urtreger, Michel Legrand, Mike Moreno, Nasheet Waits, Soweto Kinch, Chihiro Yamanaka, Flavio Boltro, Nicolas Folmer, Francesco Bearzatti, Christophe Marguet, Bruno Angelini, Philippe Lebaraillec, Giovanni Mirabassi, Pierre de Bethmann, Giovanni Falzone, Pierre Alain Goualch, Thierry Eliez, Alfio Origlio, Achille Gajo, Junko Onishi, Junko Morya, Dominique Fillon, Jean-Charles Richard, Antonio Farao, Robin Verheyen, Olivier Ker Ourio, Laurent Cugny, Manu Codjia, Emile Parisien, Carine Bonnefoy.

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